Expired Domains - What's that?

Every day, thousands of domain names are deleted by individuals, companies or organisations. Some of these domains have backlinks, rankings in search engines or visitors. By using these Expired Domains, you can easily get backlinks, rankings and traffic for your website.

  • No Linkbuilding: The domains already have high quality backlinks from universities, newspapers and other authorities.
  • Existing Rankings: The rankings of the domain in search engines can be restored.
  • Domain History: The domains have been existing continuously in the Google index for many years.

How to use Expired Domains?

  • New Project: Build a new site on an Expired Domain and start with existing backlinks and traffic.
  • Satellite Site: Build a satellite site and get backlinks for your main sites immediately.
  • Link Building: Use Expired Domains to link to your link exchange partners.
  • Affiliate-Sites: Affiliates get rankings without link building. A proven way is to 301-redirect a Expired Domain to an Exact-Match Keyword Domain.
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Why Expired.domains?

  • Quality: We only offer selected, high quality Expired Domains. We sort out domains with low quality backlinks (for example blog comments or spam-links).
  • Experience: We have sold over 1000 Expired Domains during the last few years. If you have any questions or need help to select a domain, please contact us.
  • Customer satisfaction: Over 100 happy customers have already bought a domain at Expired.domains. Have a look at our Facebook-Page.